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A condensed version of what the facts are concerning headaches and TMJ disfunction and how we are the leading source for treatment that really works. Obviously our website goes into greater detail but these notes will give you the overall picture of what this is all about.


Head and neck pain, facial pain, ear, sinus and eye pain, and headaches. Due to the many varied symptoms that patients may have, Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) has often been called the “Great Impostor”. Ruling out or resolving TMD and its associated neuromuscular issues is often the missing link for patients with chronic headaches, shoulder, neck, and facial pain. By working to balance the joints and musculature in the cranio-mandibular complex, we can unmask the “Great Imposter” which sends patients through a maze of physicians and emergency room visits.



Without effectively measuring the physiologic parameters of the facial, head and neck muscles, understanding the true status, function and posturing of the jaw joints as it relates to the skull and teeth, it is impossible to unlock the key to this seemingly mysterious, ravaging, haunting disease!

We make the diagnosis by using information gathered from patient history, examination, objective tests and other modalities including imaging technologies. Computerized jaw tracking, mandibular scanning, electromyography and electrosonographic data is very useful to get to the root of the problem and has been well documented in scientific literature for a long time. Treating the root of the problem versus the symptoms is the key to lasting success. Contact us now for your consultation!


The lower anatomical orthotic (looks and fills like a night guard), we advocate, is a specialized dental appliance that is orthopedically designed to match the physiologic function of the patient’s jaw and head posture.

After initial examination, if it’s necessary, we will initiate physical therapy treatments. The focus of physical therapy for temporomandibular disorders is relaxation, stretching, and releasing tight muscles. Contact us now for your free consultation!

Why Us?

Dental oral appliances should be fitted by qualified dental personnel who are specifically trained and experienced in the overall health, the temporomandibular joint, dental occlusion and associated oral structures. Our Doctors successfully been treating patients with TMJ, migraine and sleep disorder for many years.

Cost Of Treatment

This treatment falls under the coverage of medical insurance, not dental. We are proud to be contracted providers for the following medical groups: Sutter Health, SPA, Dignity Health, Sequoia, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Meritage, Tricare and Tricare West, San Jose Physician Medical Group, SCCIPA, Hill Physicians, Brown & Tolland, North Bay Medical. We are contracted providers for Medicare.

We are also able to obtain benefits for patients who have PPO and EPO plans with all insurance companies. We are working diligently to expand our contract status with all major insurance companies and providers. Our goal is to minimize any out-of-pocket cost to all of our patients. If you will have large out-of-pocket cost (due to high deductible of luck of medical insurance coverage) we will offer you very affordable payment plan. Contact us now for your consultation!

Benefits Of Being Treated

Acute pain that diminishes in the course of the natural healing process is generally manageable psychologically. Our physiologic – based treatment has allowed at least 80 % pain relief in 95% of the patients we have treated. Imagine the life without pain and discomfort!

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