Everything you ever wanted to understand about jaw or facial pain and headaches, and how we can help.

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TMD explained by Dr. Curtis Westersund from Dental Medicine Providers.

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Constant headaches and migraines can really disrupt your life. We're here to help you find relief and live your best life!


TMD can cause head and neck pain, facial pain, otalgia, sinus and eye pain, and is very often associated with tension headaches and migraines.


If you’ve been trying to self-medicate without results, it’s time to come see us.

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The Benefits of Being Treated

Discover the benefits you will get from our treatment. Find out why you’ll get instant relief from headaches, migraines, and jaw pain.

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Read the latest articles and information regarding headaches and TMD.
Dental Medicine Providers is the best! I have experienced migraines for the past few months and nothing helped. Dr. Luba fitted me with an oral device and my headaches are gone!
Brenda Greene
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