The Benefits Of Being Treated

Oral Appliance Therapy Provides Many Benefits

The face is the mirror of our very existence; it reflects all inner feelings, whether they be restful or in turmoil, as we interface with others in every daily endeavor. Smiling, talking, laughing, frowning, worrying, whatever our inner feelings happen to be is ultimately displayed for all to share for good or bad.

Our mouths are used to speak, eat, love, and to communicate with the nuances of expression every feeling imaginable.

Both the face and the mouth are at the mercy of the function or dysfunction of the TMJoint; the TMJoint is the primary joint used to sustain life, and when functioning properly, it provides for the enjoyment of life more than any other joint.

When dysfunction of this TMJoint is accompanied by constant pain or discomfort, everything is affected. There are no time-outs; our very existence becomes totally focused on this terrible template over-riding all else in our lives:

• the work place is affected;
• The caliber of our work deteriorates as does our relationships with co-workers;
• constant preoccupation with this problem precludes normal interfacing with co-workers, family and friends;
• even during leisure time there is no relief from this intrusion;
• there are no pleasurable or restful interludes with friends or family;
• the natural squeal is seclusion and withdrawal unto ourselves, and yet that very withdrawal serves to compound the depression and frustration of this vicious, self-feeding cycle of despair.

Acute pain that diminishes in the course of the natural healing process is generally manageable psychologically. Our physiologic – based treatment has allowed at least 80 % pain relief in 95% of the patients we have treated.

Imagine the life without pain and discomfort!

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